Upcoming Okinawa Events for Summer 2017

  August 26:  Kadena Library Conference Room, 10:30 This meeting will be a feedback session, which means that you are encouraged to share your work with group members for feedback.  In particular, I would encourage you to email your requested submission for feedback to me (judith.mcneely@faculty.umuc.edu in Korea) or to Dave (who is on Okinawa) at least one…Read more Upcoming Okinawa Events for Summer 2017


Sex in Writing: Part 1

            Sex sells. Whether people are honest or not, they want sex. Some see it as something light and fun, others cradle it as something sacred and profound, but can it not also be fun and profound? For readers, unless it's a romance/ erotica--and those are two very different genres--there almost always needs to be a…Read more Sex in Writing: Part 1